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Magnetic Knife Holder - Walnut & Cherry

$ 50.00

Magically store your knives on your wall with our Magnetic Knife Holders.  

Where's the "Magic"?  Our holders look like any other piece of wood, but hidden inside are strong rare earth magnets.  Many other holders on the market have exposed magnets which are not only unsightly but can also scratch your knives.

A challenge for homeowners is mounting their knife holder to the wall.  There's typical mounting methods used, but all are inferior in our opinion both in ease of use and quality of attachment to the wall (strength & levelness).  Our goal was to develop a unique mounting method that anyone with limited handyman skills can manage.  We believe we've succeeded with a 2-piece approach with a mounting bracket that's first attached to the wall.  The knife holder then simply clips onto the bracket (due to the bracket & clips, the knife holder will be spaced approximately 1/4" away from the wall).  All mounting hardware to mount your knife holder to sheetrock or tiled walls is included.

Our knife holders are available in lengths ranging from 12" to 21".  The 12" version is shown in the pictures and can typically secure 4-6 average sized knives.


Available in the sizes below:

3" X 12" X 5/8" (4-6 knives)

3" X 15" X 5/8" (5-7 knives)

3" X 18" X 5/8" (6-8 knives)

3" X 21" X 5/8" (7-9 knives)

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