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OUTLET STORE - Route 66 Series Large Cutting Board - Walnut, Maple & Cherry

$ 50.00

The goal with this design was to create a cutting board with classic lines.  Naming this design was easy, what says classic Americana better than Route 66!!  We build this in several color palettes that will beautify any kitchen style.  This version features pairs of Cherry bands wrapped with Peruvian Walnut and Maple accents.

This board is thinner at 17/32" (0.53") versus our standard thickness of 3/4" (0.75").  It also has a slight warp to it meaning that it won't sit perfectly flat on a table.  It's not warped much being about 1/8".

All of our edge-grain cutting boards are reversible. 


12" X 16" X 17/32"

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